Welcome to the Haggar Family's web site.  

This site is run by Frank Haggar for his wife, Lauren, and children, Katie and Kevin.  You will find pictures of our family, as well as pictures of Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and friends of the family.

The following pics are from pre-2000 up to 2001

Earlier..:                                                                          Later...

First images:

Chucky Cheese

Graduation images:

Hugs & Kisses for Mom & Dad

Swimming pictures

Cap & Gown Graduation

Karen and Dawson

National Gymnastics Day

Gabbie's pictures

Powerpuff girl and Katie

Karen's visit

Dawson's Birthday Party

Misc pictures

Gabbie's Birthday Party

Bahama pictures

Katie's first day of Kindergarden

Bahama 2 pictures

Pictures of Chicago 1

Bahama 3 pictures

Pictures of Chicago 2

Bahama 4 pictures

Pictures of Chicago 3

Bahama 5 pictures

Pictures of Chicago 4

Bahama 6 pictures

Pictures of Chicago 5

Boca Water Park

Pictures of Chicago 6


Pics of Kids at Home

Karen's Birthday

Pics of Katie Dressing Up in Mom's Clothes

Patch Reef



Pictures from 2001

Easter 2001

Pics of the family in 2001

Misc pics in 2001 Thanksgiving 2001

Bev and Monte's Birthday Party in 2001

Katie's 7th Birthday Party

Grandma Margo's Birthday in 2001

OCC Christmas Lunch 2001

Pics Kids at a Carnival in 2001

Santa 2001

Halloween 2001

Christmas 2001 at Karen's House

Kevin's 4th Birthday Party

Christmas Day 2001


Pictures from 2002

Frank's Birthday in 2002

Band Kids

Easter Bunny 2002\

Easter Day 2002\

Katie's Award in 2002
Good Ol' Boy Fishing in 2002
Morikami Kid's Day in 2002

Sunrise Park Inagural Ceremony in 2002

Trip to Washington in 2002

Miami Planetarium in 2002

Cruise to Key West and Cozumel in 2002

Trip to Denver in 2002

Karen's Birthday in 2002

Pics of Frank's new look in 2002
Pics of the Family in 2002
Pics of Katie getting ready for her first day at Second Grade
Pics of Dawson's Pool Part for his 4th Birthday
Pics of Victoria's Birthday in 2002
Pics of Halloween in 2002
Pics of Kevins's 5th Birthday in 2002
Pics of Kevins's 5th Birthday at Chuck Cheese
Pics of new kittens
Thanksgiving in 2002
Party for Katie's 8th Birthday at Sports Mall
Katie's 8th Birthday at Home
Football pics with Cowboys' Football Greats!
Cowboys' Football Pics
Pics of Christmas 2002

Pictures from 2003

Misc Pics in 2003
Trip to dentist in 2003
Pics of our cats and kittens in 2003
Easter in 2003
Melissa's wedding reception in 2003
Lauren's Birthday in 2003
Florence Fuller Support Group's Boat Trip in 2003
Misc Pics, including Karen, Dawson, etc from June 2003
Karen's Birthday in 2003
Kevin's Speech & Class Performance in July 2003
Kevin's Cap & Gown in 2003
Starting school in 2003
Misc cat pics
Last pics of Lukie... In his memory... We miss him... June 2002 to Sept 4, 2003
Kevin's Kindergarden Pics, Katie 3rd Grade
Frank @ Game 4 of the 2003 World Series
Halloween 2003 Pics and Sunrise Park Party Pics
Kevin's 6th Birthday and Party
Kevin's Soccer Outfit
Trip to Disney in 2003
Katie's HoeDown at Sunrise Park in 2003
Kevin's Indian Thanksgiving Party at Sunrise Park in 2003
Thanksgiving & Katie's 9th Birthday - 2003
Christmas - 2003

Pictures from 2004

Frank's Birthday in 2004
First Family Horse Trail Ride in 2004
Misc Pics the kids took in 2004
New York City in Spring 2004
New York City (2) in Spring 2004
New York City (3) in Spring 2004
New York City (4) in Spring 2004
Misc pics by the kids in 2004
Pics of the cats, by the kids in 2004
Karen's Birthday on July 4th, 2004
Family Pic from 4th of July, 2004
Kevin's 1st football game, 2004
Marlin's game w/ Giants in Aug 2004
Photos of Frank's Sports Photo Collection in 2004
Photos of damage from Hurricane Frances in 2004
Photos Trip to Maine in 2004
Photos Trip to Maine in 2004 - Misc
Photos Trip to Maine in 2004 - Katie's Pics
Photos Trip to Maine in 2004 - Kevin's Pics
Halloween 2004
Kevin's 7th Birthday Pics
Katie's 10th Birthday
Misc pics of Kevin in Cub Scouts (and camping)
Katie singing in Town Center Mall (choir), and pics of Tigger
Christmas Eve 2004 at Grandma Margo's

Pictures from 2005

Universal Studios in 2005

Pictures from 2006

Caribbean Cruise in 2006
Cub Scouts Spring Family Campout in 2006
Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby in 2006
Easter in 2006
Katie's Bridging Ceremony in 2006
Katie's Graduation in 2006
Pictures of our Cats in 2006
Kevin's Birthday in 2006
Katie's Birthday in 2006

Pictures from 2007

Raydon part of Daytona-Nasa Weekend
1st Daytona part of Daytona-Nasa Weekend
2nd Daytona and 1st NASA part of Daytona-Nasa Weekend
2nd NASA part of Daytona-Nasa Weekend
Kevin's Camera in NASA during the Daytona-Nasa Weekend
Pictures in Memory of Murf
Misc Pics from 2007
Busch Gardens Trip in 2007
Moroso in 2007
More Moroso in 2007
SCCA Off Road Rally in 2007 @ Homestead
SRT Track Experience in Homestead in 2007
Richard Petty Experience in Daytona in 2007
SRT Track Experience in Daytona in 2007
Halloween Party in 2007
Michael & Cheryl in Egypt - 2007


Pictures from 2008

Key West in 2008
More Key West in 2008
ParaSailing in Key West
More ParaSailing in Key West
SNUBA trip in Key West
More SNUBA in Key West
St. Augustine in 2008
Last pictures of Crissy - June 9th, 2008
Christmas 12-24/12-25 in 2008
Misc cat pics from Katie's camera
Kevin as Cowboy Hoedown MC in May 1, 2009
More pics of Keivn as MC in May 1, 2009
Morticia's last pics - May 2009
Kevin's play in 2009
More of Kevin's play in 2009
Katie's last Middle-School Choir in 2009
Kevin's Matriculation from Elementary School in 2009
Katie's Departure for Europe in 2009
Katie in Ireland in 2009
Katie in Wales in 2009
Katie in England in 2009
Katie in France in 2009
Katie in Belgium in 2009
Katie in the Netherlands in 2009
July Party (Katie's Return) in 2009
Pics of Timmy in 2009
Halloween in 2009
Kevin's Birthday in 2009
Katie's Homecoming Dance in 2009
Katie's Birthday in 2009
Katie's Birthday BASH/PARTY/SHIN-DIG... in 2009
Family trip to the Zoo with Kandice and Ayden in 2009
Katie's Color Guard 2009/2010
Trip to Georgia in 2010
Trip to Niagara Falls in 2010, Day 1 & 2
Trip to Niagara Falls in 2010, Tour on Day 1
Trip to Niagara Falls in 2010, Day 3 & 4
Trip to Niagara Falls in 2010, Last Night & Morning
Trip to Niagara Falls in 2010, Videos from the trip
Last Pics of Storm in 9-13-2010
Logan's Pics from Georgia at Spring Break
Frank's Pics from Georgia at Spring Break
Videos of ATV Mudding in Georgia, 2011
Katie's 17th birthday skate party
Videos of Katie's skate party, DEc 2011
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